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Thought Leaders and Speakers
Attendance from Senior Management
In-depth Session
The 10th edition of Pharma Supply Chain Management Summit is designed to deliver practical case studies to help pharma supply chain stakeholders achieve optimal equilibrium between operational and cost efficiency. Every stone will be unturned allowing senior leaders, middle management and junior executives to learn and network with one and other.
Key Themes
Pharma Supply Chain Management and Regulatory Convergence
  • Opportunities and challenges for Indian pharma companies in overseas markets and strategies for sustainable success
  • Indian Airport Authorities and new pharma handling facility
  • The emergence of ocean freight for pharmaceutical supply chain logistics
  • Panel Discussion – Pharma Supply Chain: Current trends, opportunities and challenges
Cold Chain Management
  • The current infrastructure and the future of cold chain industry in India
  • Improve performance through the use of real-time temperature and location monitoring
  • Overcoming challenges with managing end to end to cold chain integrity
  • Panel Discussion: Cold chain management - An essential component of the global pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Panel Discussion: Cold chain management - An essential component of the global pharmaceutical supply chain
Track and Trace and Serialization
  • The blurring lines between packaging and supply chain
  • Serialization in 2020 – How to meet the expectations and increase supply chain
  • Panel Discussion: Pharmaceutical Traceability – Learning’s from around the world
  • Track and Trace & Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
Era of Digitization – Creating a Next Generation Supply Chain
  • Digital Transformation: Raising pharma supply-chain performance to next level
  • How can AI and IoT reinvent pharma supply chain management
  • Increasing importance of maintaining data visibility and forecasting data accurately
  • Panel Discussion: Supply Chain 4.0 – How does the future look Like?
  • Leverage emerging technologies to achieve a connected warehouse