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LisalineLifescience Technologies Pvt. established company providing products & services for effective cold chain management since 2006. We offer solutions for Cold Chain Monitoring and Maintaining & strive to offer innovative technologies in Middle East, India and South Asia.
Over the years, Lisaline team successfully introduced innovative concepts in cold chain monitoring from beginning to end.
We catered to Pharmaceutical, Vaccine Manufacturer, Biologicals, Bio-pharmaceutical, Clinical Research, Hospitals, Blood Banks, etc.

Monitoring and Maintaining of Cold Chain from beginning to end
Cold chain Monitoring solution includes Product Monitoring (Temperature indicators from Temptime Corporation, USA), Facility &Multilocation Monitoring (Wireless datalogging solution from Oceasoft, France), Shipment Monitoring (Electronic temperature recorders from IMEC; Germany) &Standalone Monitoring (Bluetooth/GSM based datalogger for standalone equipments /cold rooms).
Maintaining Cold Chain with Active & Passive Cooling Transportation System (Insulated boxes for maintaining the temperature during transportation).
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