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I would like to introduce you to Yourway, the only true premium courier and clinical packager all in one company. We offer door to door service of any temp control shipment globally with our own global GMP depot network with primary and secondary clinical packaging, including short and long term storage of 15-25C, 2-8C, -20C and -80C and -180C and distribution.

Main facility headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, we also operate 21 other strategically-located GMP depots worldwide. Yourway is a premium courier of time- and temperature-sensitive clinical materials, and offers integrated clinical packaging, storage, and other specialty services.

It would be a pleasure to formally introduce myself and tell you more, so I invite you to meet us at The 10th Annual SCM Pharma Summit 2019 India, booth #__2A__. Do you have a good day/time for a meeting at our booth that fits your schedule? Look forward to hearing from you.

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LisalineLifescience Technologies Pvt. established company providing products & services for effective cold chain management since 2006. We offer solutions for Cold Chain Monitoring and Maintaining & strive to offer innovative technologies in Middle East, India and South Asia.
Over the years, Lisaline team successfully introduced innovative concepts in cold chain monitoring from beginning to end.
We catered to Pharmaceutical, Vaccine Manufacturer, Biologicals, Bio-pharmaceutical, Clinical Research, Hospitals, Blood Banks, etc.

Monitoring and Maintaining of Cold Chain from beginning to end
Cold chain Monitoring solution includes Product Monitoring (Temperature indicators from Temptime Corporation, USA), Facility &Multilocation Monitoring (Wireless datalogging solution from Oceasoft, France), Shipment Monitoring (Electronic temperature recorders from IMEC; Germany) &Standalone Monitoring (Bluetooth/GSM based datalogger for standalone equipments /cold rooms).
Maintaining Cold Chain with Active & Passive Cooling Transportation System (Insulated boxes for maintaining the temperature during transportation).
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EMBALL’ISO has been helping pharmaceutical laboratories, clinical trial operators, logistics companies and “last mile specialists” to manage and control cold chain risks for nearly 30 years. A world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance temperature-controlled packaging systems for the transport of pharmaceutical products, EMBALL’ISO is now an expert of turnkey Reverse Logistics and Rental solutions.

EMBALL’ISO’s worldwide presence across 4 continents, with 8 production sites (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, UK and the US) and collection points in more than 80 countries helps you reuse isothermal packaging while saving time and money.

EMBALL’ISO products are designed, tested and validated by an in-house R&D team and design office ensuring that the temperature remains between -80°C and + 30°C with Gel- and phase change material- (PCM) based thermal stabilizers. Systems are capable of carrying a single vial to airfreight pallet shippers available flat packed or fully assembled.

Turnkey services to optimize the cold chain are available: Rental, Ready to use, Reverse Logistics, Connected and Customized Solutions.EMBALL’ISO delivers quality everywhere, just like you.

TCI Cold Chain Solutions Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Transport Corporation of India Limited Offers integrated temperature controlled supply chain services for primary, secondary transport and warehousing for varied industries from QSR to Retail to Life Sciences & Health Care. Company has well established networks Pan India and believes in Safety, Quality, Productivity and best Cost. Exhibiting high standards of corporate governance, statutory compliance such as FSSAI, FDA besides other regulation norms like NBC for warehouses and CMVR regulation for our fleet.